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"I Took The Red Pill" Square Vinyl Stickers

"I Took The Red Pill" Square Vinyl Stickers

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Say it with style using these unique and cool stickers. Show off your vision in a creative way with maximum flexibility. Whether you choose to use one sticker or multiple, there is no better way to make something truly yours than with these stickers!

"I Took The Red Pill" by Mike Giannella invites viewers on an imaginative journey into the unknown and encourages us to open our minds and explore worlds beyond what we can see, touch or feel. It reminds us that there are limitless possibilities that await discovery. These premium printable vinyl stickers are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and have a grey adhesive backside for easy installation. Create something uniquely yours today with "I Took The Red Pill"!

  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Premium Printable vinyl

  • Grey, adhesive back

Original Encaustic Painting Description:

This enigmatic creature had an almost ethereal quality to it, with its featureless face and smooth, round body. Its skin was a vibrant, mottled mix of yellows and browns, and it lacked any hair, fur or other clearly identifiable features. Its head was set atop of a short neck that curved gracefully as if in motion. Its single large eye seemed to gaze out into the world with a mysterious intelligence, as though searching for something lost or forgotten. From the shoulders down, its arms and legs were thin and delicate, ending in tapered digits without any defining characteristics.

The mere presence of this peculiar being filled the room with an air of surrealism - as if it had stepped out from some strange dreamscape or dimension unseen by mortal eyes. Around it there seemed to be a faint glow emanating from its body - like some kind of unseen force radiating from within - which grew more intense when viewed directly. It was difficult to determine what exactly this entity was made of – but whatever it was it seemed almost supernatural in nature – a being not meant for our world but somehow still here nonetheless.

As if in a dream, the creator of this painting was surrounded by orbs of yellow, red and pink that floated around it like tiny celestial bodies. These vibrant colors were contrasted by deep blues shades in the background that seemed to move and swirl with an almost hypnotic motion. The effect was mesmerizing - as if one could get lost in its beauty forever. It felt like looking into some unknown realm beyond our own, where anything is possible. This surreal atmosphere gives the painting a unique sense of mystery, evoking feelings of awe and wonder at what lies beyond our understanding.

Original Encaustic Painting:

Original Encaustic Painting by Mike Giannella

Painted by Mike Giannella on a 12x12x1.5in wood panel
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