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"Cityscape" 11oz Black Mug

"Cityscape" 11oz Black Mug

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Warm up your day with this beautiful and stylish black ceramic mug. Just the right size for your morning coffee or afternoon tea, it features a convenient C-handle for easy gripping and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Printed on its surface is an impressive abstract painting featuring vibrant greens, oranges and streaks of white in a grid pattern that resembles a cityscape. This distinctive artwork has been created using an encaustic technique which gives it a unique texture and depth.

Upon viewing it, one might be reminded of the roads and buildings that make up a cityscape, making it the ideal addition to any home or office décor. The high-quality sublimation printing ensures that this mug will be a perfect gift choice for those who enjoy coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Crafted from durable black ceramic in 11-ounce sizes, this mug is truly designed to offer you comfort and style in equal measure. With its eye-catching blend of colors, this "Cityscape" piece will be sure to leave an impactful impression wherever it's displayed.

  • Black ceramic
  • 11 oz (0.33 l)
  • C-handle

Original Encaustic Painting Description:

This beautiful abstract painting features an encaustic technique that creates a distinctive grid-like pattern of vibrant greens, oranges and streaks of white. Upon viewing it, one might be reminded of the roads and buildings that make up a cityscape. The artist has also incorporated black web-like fabric into the wax to add texture and detail to this captivating work of art. This "Cityscape" piece is sure to leave an impression in any interior setting and become the focal point of any home or office décor.

The colors used in this artwork are predominantly greens and oranges which give it its unique cityscape aesthetic that can be seen from afar or up close. Additionally, small white streaks bring out details in the painting that draw viewers' eyes towards the most intriguing areas.

Original Encaustic Painting:

Original Encaustic Painting by Mike Giannella

Painted by Mike Giannella on a 8x8x0.5in wood panel
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